TFY Man Sept 12 015Tailored For You has been helping fashion retailers and shopping centres create informative and popular 3D body scanning fashion events since 2010.  These events have a proven track record in creating not only an uplift in footfall but also more importantly in sales for the participating retailers.  These events can be either general fashion events like the launch of spring and autumn fashion collections or themed to a specific target market/opportunity.  Some of the most popular themed events are around jeans and denim, or little black dress events leading up to the Christmas period, through to summer fashion and swimwear.  The body scanner will provide customers with a print out of their body image side and front views along with a series of body measurements and often key to the event their body shape.  From this information our team will work alongside centre/event staff to educate the customers about their body shape and which clothes will suit them best and from this clients are inspired to go and make fabulous new clothing purchases confident that the clothes they buy will suit their body shape, creating  a strong uplift in sales.

We have run events for individual stores including Debenhams, House of Fraser and many independents; through to community shopping centres like Castle Mall, Ealing Broadway, Victoria Centre, Freshney Place; as well as staging events for the larger centres like Westfield, Lakeside, Trafford Centre, Merryhill, Manchester Arndale etc.  Often these events are run in conjunction with other event companies.

How does it work?

Our event team arrive the afternoon/evening prior to the event and set up and calibrate the 3D body scanner ahead of the event.  The body scanner is about the size of a changing room and we need a minimum space of just 2 metres by 3 metres to set up the and run the scanner.  On the day we will arrive early and double check the scanner is operational before the event starts.  Our 3D body scanner is always hired out with a fully trained technician who will become part of your event team for the day and will run the scanner and provide print outs to all the customers.

We regularly provide stylists alongside the scanner to help support either in house personal shoppers/stylists or store staff to maximise the experience for the customers.  The events work best when we have a wide selection of clothes currently available in the store/shopping centre hung on rails or displayed on mannequins so we can show examples to your customers when we are giving them advice on which clothing styles will suit them.  Inspired from the advice and often armed with their print out and hints and tips leaflet customers leave the event and head to the stores to buy the clothes they have seen at the event.

Once the event is complete, our team will breakdown the scanner that evening and remove it from site.